Giudice srl is an italian company specialized in national and international freight transport and storage of goods.
Quality, punctuality and rapidity are our strengths.

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Giudice srl was founded in the 80s by the passion of the owner, who began the activity with a van, performing newspaper night delivery services to the various stands and tobacco shops in the province of Como and Lecco (Italy), also offering occasional domestic transports.
After two years, the company increased the fleet with three van for night services and in the early 90s were added to the small vehicle fleet the first tilt truck of a total laden weight of 7.5 tonnes.
With the first truck, the company began to carry out the various daytime odd jobs thanks to the trust of various customers.
Just in this decade, the company began to place the first and true foundation in the market of freight transports, with the inclusion of Merone headquarters.
At the beginning of the new century, the company had a fleet of nine vehicles, with the presence of vehicles from 44 tons fully loaded and trucks with cranes.
In the early 2000s the company began to make the first international transports, thanks to the trust of customers.
Because of continued growth, the company could acquire the headquarters of Alzate Brianza (CO), intended for warehousing and storage of goods and the logistics service for all purposes (end-to-end solutions), to give a complete service to customers.

Our locations

Administrative and operating headquarter of Alzate Brianza (CO)

Secondary headquarter of Merone (CO)

Our services

Freight transportation

National and international transport of goods by road.

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Logistics, warehousing and storage of goods.

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Industrial vehicles rental

Rental of forklifts and aerial platforms.

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Mechanical workshop

Mechanical workshop with highly qualified staff.

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Efficiency, professionalism and reliability to our customers' service

With a fleet of private vehicles and a highly professional team, we ensure daily delivery and collection services by offering goods transport services at full load, dedicated volume and groupage services (group and brings together small consignments from different senders from a country to recipients in another country).

We carry out temperature-controlled transport in FRC and FNA regime.

Our fleet:
- Fiat Doblò vehicle employed for express delivery
- Vans with load capacities ranging from 7 to 15 quintals
- Tilt truck of 7 meters with load capacity of 55 tons with tail lifts with load capacity of 20/25 quintals
- Tilt truck from 5.3 to 9.6 meters with load capacity from 34 to 165 tons
- Trucks with cranes
- Semitrailers of 13.60 meters with load capacity of 300 tons
- Un-covered semitrailers of 13.60 meters with load capacity of 300 tons
- Isothermal semitrailers with the control of temperature in real-time, traceable by our customers
- Low profile semitrailers
- Semitrailer employed for transport of cranes and construction machinery

We have an internal and independent mechanical workshop, with a highly qualified staff for the care and maintenance of our vehicles.

All this allows us to manage independently the deliveries to be made in any part of the Europe, ensuring efficiency, professionalism and above all reliability.

Logistics, warehousing and storage of goods

We support our clients as a partner for every need.

Aware of the ever-changing markets and supply chain expectations, we work alongside our customers trying to understand all the various expectations, providing end-to-end solutions.

Choose us means have a single reference for logistic and transport service, having a complete management of frights and goods.

Moreover, the strategic location allows us to manage with agility all the needs of our customers allowing them to focus on their core business, studying customized solutions and ensuring a fully flexible service.

We offer the service of storage of paper reels, in environments devoid of moisture. We move the reels due to a forklift of 8 ton with special fork.

At the customer needs, we offer the weighing of trucks before and after the loading of the vehicle.

Rent of forklifts and aerial platforms

To better meet the needs of our customers we perform rental services, with or without operator, of:
- Forklifts from 20 to 50 quintals
- Forklifts from 2, 2.5, 3, 5 and 8 tons, both electric and diesel (at the customer choice)
- Forklift 8 ton with special fork for paper reels
- Telehandler from 3 tons
- Trucks with cranes
- Aerial platforms
- Digital weighing service for vehicles

Our vehicles to rent

Our digital weighbridge for vehicles

Mechanical workshop

We have an internal and independent mechanical workshop, powered by highly qualified staff, for the care and maintenance of our vehicles.

Our workshop